We've changed our name!

The Lutheran Choir of Chicago was founded in 1947 as part of the centennial celebration of the Lutheran Church Missouri Synod. The milestone of our 70th anniversary prompted us to reflect upon this legacy, and to imagine how we can continue to grow and thrive as a choir. 

Over the years, LCC’s membership, mission, and repertoire have evolved, and we knew it was time to reexamine our identity. Why? When telling people about our wonderful group, we often found ourselves explaining all the things that we are not:

We are not a church choir.
We are not affiliated with the Lutheran church.
We are not all Lutherans.

We asked LCC members to envision a potential new name for our choir, for "Chicago's premier sacred choral music ensemble," and to share their suggestions. After much careful consideration and discussion, our members cast their vote. We will now be known as "Lux Cantorum Chicago."

Our name is Latin, a language that is prevalent in sacred music, and familiar to us—just about every program we've performed has featured at least one piece in Latin. The name roughly translates to “light singers.” One of our members shared:

I think "Lux Cantorum" is more reflective of our mission statement: "Cantorum" points to the "community" element and "Lux" points to the "transformative power" of the music we prepare and share. The reference to light as a spiritual concept ... is beautiful to me.

We agree that there is beauty in both the sound and the meaning of the name. We also believe that this name represents and communicates who we are, which is so important. 

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We thank you for supporting LCC now, and we look forward to sharing our songs with you in the future.