Our Mission

We nurture an inclusive, creative community by sharing the transformative power of sacred choral music.

Sacred music is about sharing experiences that shift our perspective. Whether in the midst of sorrow or joy, there are moments that spark human connection and reveal both great mystery and small wonder. Music gives us a voice when there are things too deep for words. It is not limited to one religious tradition or genre, although much of our music comes from traditions of faith that continue to ask the big questions—

Who are we? Why are we here? What brings us together? What makes us feel alive?

Our Name

Lux Cantorum, or “light singers” comes from Latin, a language which has infused Western sacred music for centuries. One of our members shared:

I think "Lux Cantorum" is reflective of our mission statement: "Cantorum" points to the "community" element and "Lux" points to the "transformative power" of the music we prepare and share. The reference to light as a spiritual concept ... is beautiful to me.

Our Legacy

Previously known as the Lutheran Choir of Chicago, we were founded in 1947 as part of the centennial celebration of the Lutheran Church Missouri Synod. Over the years, our membership, mission, and repertoire evolved. Our identity, while grounded in the same strong musical tradition, had expanded beyond one denomination, faith group, or style.

Our 70th anniversary prompted us to reflect upon this legacy, and to imagine how we could continue to grow and thrive as a choir. It also allowed us to embrace a vision— to become Chicago’s premier sacred choral music ensemble— with the belief that experiencing the sacred is a transformative experience that our world needs.

Thank you for joining Lux Cantorum Chicago on our journey. We look forward to sharing moments of beauty, joy, and reflection.

“Singing with LCC adds another dimension to both my musical and spiritual explorations. My life is truly enriched when, under Wilbert Watkins’ direction, we achieve those moments where the music, the text and our abilities merge to create an artistic and/or spiritual experience.”